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About Lailatul

*About Childish Girl?*

Name : Lailatul Maslihah Ramli

Birthday : 14 April 1998

Study at : SMK Titingan Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia

Stay at : Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia

Status : Single Unavailable....xD...(kidding only)

Dreams : Wanna collect anime collection

Personality : Childish (sometimes like that), hyperactive, sensitive, sporting (sometimes too)

Ambition : Scientist, Sucessful trader, Work about computer or internet [ ICT ]

Hobby : Cooking, Decorate Blog (Sometimes), Play Internet, Decorate my desktop or fix my laptop

Sex : Female

Fav. Subject : Maths, Islamic Education, English, Science, History [ a little ], Geographic, Malaysia Language [ a little ]

Fav. Food : Chocolate, Cheezzy Wedges, Nasi Lemak, Ice Cream, cooked by my mom

Fav. Drink : Chocolate Drink, Tea, Coffee, Soya Bean

Motto : Always Smile!.... Smile is Charity!~

Start Blogging : 14 September 2011

Contact Me : Facebook | My blog;

Love It So Much



-Edit My Blog


-Collect anime collection

-Love chocolate very much !

-Chat with my friends at facebook


-Love Blue !


-My BFF although at Facebook, Twitter and at school

-Study [ a little bit ]

Hate It So Much





-Slow internet connection

-Blog tidak kemas, hodoh, berat

-Lagu yang terlalu memuja tentang cinta

-Minuman keras, berkarbonat

-Orang yang suka memaksa untuk membuat sesuatu

-Menunggu sesuatu yang terlalu lama